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Arash AF10 front angle

Arash’s hybrid AF10 supercar will charge into Geneva with 2080 hybrid horsepower

Arash Motor Company has revealed its heavily updated AF10 supercar with 2080 hybrid horsepower ahead of the Geneva Motor Show.
ryan reynolds discusses custom built triumph motorcycle and bike

Ryan Reynolds uses his custom Triumph bike to 'escape' the crush of fame

Ryan Reynolds shares his passion for riding and describes how he found his custom-built Triumph motorcycle in this video.
Aston Martin DB10

Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 sells for $3.5 million, funds benefit Doctors without Borders

Aston Martin's DB10, made famous for its role in the latest James Bond film: Spectre, has sold for a massive $3.5 million with proceeds going to charity.
Toyota RAV4 Rally Car

Toyota will equip its RAV4 crossover with TRD performance goodies

Toyota has announced that a higher performance RAV4 crossover is in the works, courtesy of the automaker's TRD team.
2016 Ford Edge Sport

Ford will add a ‘mini SUV’ and electric crossover in the next four years

Ford announced that it will add four all new SUV models within the next four years, including a subcompact and EV.
BMW M760Li front angle 2

BMW put an M badge on a V12-powered 7 Series — happy now?

BMW has finally slapped an M-badge on its 7 Series estate, but stopped short of full-M status.
Ferrari LaFerrari

The Ferrari of tomorrow will use floor-mounted batteries and uniform platforms

Ferrari has revealed plans for an all-new platform architecture with accommodations for hybrid powertrains.
2017 Nissan Armada

Nissan reintroduces its Armada full-size SUV with greater gusto

Nissan has revealed its reborn Armada full-size SUV with the QX80's big bones and more refined styling.
Cadillac XT5 front angle

Cadillac prices its all-new XT5 crossover at $38,995

Cadillac has revealed pricing for its SRX-replacing crossover, the XT5. Excluding a $995 destination charge, the XT5 will start at $38,995
Left Lane Driving

Hogging the left lane isn’t just rude, it’s dangerous

spyker c8 to be electric cars factory hq headquarters

Spyker Cars will return to the spotlight with the all-electric C8 Preliator Concept

Spyker will emerge from its bankrupt cocoon with an all-new concept, likely powered by an electric powertrain.
Cadillac Escalade Platinum

Cadillac's Escalade SUV is on a mission to sit atop the luxury ladder

Cadillac is reportedly planning to improve its Escalade's luxury and technology features so it can move upmarket.
Ariel Atom and Miata

The EPA is putting its foot down on modifications to street-legal track vehicles

SEMA is raising an alarm based on its concern over the EPA's latest interpretation of Clean Air laws that would prohibit modifications to street-legal cars.
Mazda RX Vision Concept

Mazda’s RX Revival sports car will pack turbocharged rotary magnificance

2016 BMW M2 front angle

BMW's M division will ride the hybrid wave with new performance models

BMW's M Division has hinted that hybrid power is coming to its M cars in the near future.
Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Tourer Concept

Volkswagen will build a Tiguan sub-brand of crossovers, including a coupe and seven-seater

Volkswagen has revealed that it plans to build a Tiguan brand of models in all shapes and sizes.
david mirra dead at age 41 dave candid 1 688x459 0 img2462

Action Sports pioneer Dave Mirra dies at 41

The action sports community mourns the loss of one of its pioneer athletes, BMX star turned Rallycross driver Dave Mirra.
hyundai eleantra compact super bowl ads elantra commercial

Ryan Reynolds steals the show from Hyundai’s Elantra in Superbowl ad

Hyundai enlists talking bears and a town full of Ryan Reynolds to promote its new Elantra compact.
2017 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Leads the Flock

Honda’s 2017 Ridgeline is looking for ‘somebody to love’ in Superbowl ad

Honda is promoting its 2017 Ridgeline pickup in a 60-second superbowl commercial airing Sunday.
2016 Cadillac ATS-V-back-3 Coupe

2016 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe review

1937 Mercedes-Benz Roadster 1

$9.9 Million buys you a piece of Mercedes-Benz’s rarified history

RM Sotheby’s auction in Arizona led to the sale of Mercedes-Benz's 1937 540 K Special Roadster for a lofty $9.9 Million.
mini super bowl 2016 ad usa superbowl hashtag commercial

MINI’s cars and chosen stars ‘defy labels’ in its Superbowl Ad

MINI has released its 30-second TV spot ahead of this week's Superbowl. Featured in the commercial are sports and entertainment stars who defy labels.
2015 Hyundai Azera

Hyundai gives up on the Azera sedan to focus on more crossover models

Hyundai has decided to cancel production of its Azera sedan to focus on crossovers -- a decision that is being echoed throughout the industry lately.
VW BUDD-e front overhead

Volkswagen shows its hippie heart, approves the BUDD-e microbus for production

Volkswagen has reportedly approved its BUDD-e concept for production, reviving its iconic microbus shape.
Renault Sport RS 01 Interceptor

Renault's Sport RS 01 Interceptr uses Nissan GT-R power to hunt for baddies

Renault has gussied up its Sport RS 01 race car in police interceptor attire to serve as publicity for the French authorities.
2015 Chrysler 200C

Dodge's Dart and Chrysler's 200 are on their final tour of duty

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne has revealed that Dodge's Dart and Chrysler's 200 compact models will be phased out in the next 18 months.
motorcycle connonball run record carl j  reese

Two-wheeled triumph: solo ‘cannonball’ transcontinental record smashed

Carl Reese has completed the transcontinental trip from LA to NYC on a motorcycle in just 38 hours, undercutting the previous record by four hours.
Maserati MC Stradale

Maserati says it will go hybrid because it has to, not by choice

Maserati's boss has said electric vehicles are "nonsense," but the Italian sports car manufacturer will still introduce plug-in hybrid models.
Red AM Vulcan 1

Now you can buy a used Aston Martin Vulcan for $1.1 million more than when it was new

A motorsports dealership in Cleveland is selling the first U.S.-registered Aston Martin Vulcan for $3.4 million, 48 percent more than it was when new.

Ford may outfit its Ranger pickup in Raptor armor before unleashing it on the Tacoma TRD

Ford may expand its Raptor portfolio of performance trucks with a Ranger variant to take on Toyota's Tacoma TRD.
Kia Rio Hatch

Kia will expand its GT performance lineup with a Fiesta ST rivaling hot hatch in 2017

Kia will expand its GT performance range with a Rio GT hot hatch to rival Ford's Fiesta ST.
Shelby Terlingua Mustang

Shelby introduces tributary Terlingua Mustang with over 750 horsepower

Shelby has introduced the 2016 Terlingua Mustang with over 750 horsepower to pay tribute to the 1967 Terlingua Racing Team.
tax the rich slams a 2 million ferrari f40 gt around farm like its 90s civic ttr video

Tax The Rich thrashes a $2 million Ferrari F40 GT around a farm like it’s a ’90’s Civic

TaxTheRich has released a new video that features an ultra-rare Ferrari F40 hooning like a gymkhana video around a farm.
twitter powered slot car dying light vehicles upgrades

Polish game developer Techland has designed a Twitter-powered slot car

Polish video game developer, Techland, has designed a physical slot car set that is powered by tweets with the hashtag #TweetForSpeed.