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Paige Lyman

Paige Lyman

Freelance writer and journalist

Paige Lyman is a freelance writer and journalist who covers culture and entertainment. She has contributed stories to Digital Trends, The New York Times, Wired,, Women Write About Comics, and more.

She primarily covers gaming for Digital Trends and has been a regular contributor since the summer of 2021.

You can read more of her work at her website and follow her on Twitter @tanosski for updates, culture discussion, and bad puns.

A shot of a Sims 4 building that shows a Sims home broken up into different rental properties.

The Sims 4: For Rent expansion pack pits landlords against tenants

The Sims 4: For Rent is delivering a new world and all new rental gameplay features through multi-family lots and the option to play as a property owner.
Two possessed children look up in "The Exorcist: Believer."

6 supernatural, spooky games to play after seeing The Exorcist: Believer

Looking for some scares after seeing The Exorcist: Believer? Here are six games that'll keep the supernatural thrills going.
A character from Palia with tan skin, dark brown hair, and dressed in green holds a gardening tool. They are standing in a garden, surrounded by tomato plants.

Palia is a delightfully cozy MMO experience for Animal Crossing fans

Singularity 6's new game, Palia, looks to bring players a community-based experience with a refreshing take on both MMO and cozy game staples.
A shot of Sims dressed in Western-style clothing, performing a line dance. One Sim in a red shirt is sitting down at a piano, playing music.

The Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion is a warm slice of Western charm

The Sims 4: Horse Ranch delivers a Western-soaked world where players can get busy ranching and training and riding horses.
A character holds the Ring Fit as they run down a path surrounded by green fields. Their hair is almost like fire.

How fitness video games can help improve your mental well-being

Fitness games offer players the chance to keep active while they're having fun, which can have a host of short and long term mental health benefits.
A screenshot from The Last of Us Part 2 of Ellie and Dina slow dancing with one another.

7 games with queer representation to play this Pride Month

If you're looking for games featuring a diverse range of queer representation this Pride Month, here are 7 great titles to start with.
A team photo of all five members of FaZe Clan's first all woman esports team. Four of the members are holding up the fifth member and everyone is smiling.

FaZe Clan’s first all-female esports team is ready for the pressure

FaZe Clan's first all-female esports team is bringing confidence to their Valorant plays.
Donald Duck walks through a town in Disney Dreamlight Valley,

For content creators, ‘cozy games’ have unlocked an unexpected career

For some content creators, cozy games like Animal Crossing have led to an unexpected career path.
A family of Sims plays around and on a large treehouse that features a slide and lights hanging in a tree.

The Sims 4: Growing Together adds babies and bladder problems

The Sims 4's Growing Together brings players a brand new world, family-focused game play, and deeper social connections between Sims.
Three characters from Boyfriend Dungeon stand together.

For game writers, authenticity is the key to telling queer romance stories

Video game creators break down their approach to writing queer romance stories that represent a range of identities.
4 screenshots of the games Solitaire, Wordament, Minesweeper, and IceBreakers sit next to each other. Little circles with people's faces are dotted across the image, showing that they are playing the games together.

You can now play Minesweeper (and more games) in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has launched a new Work for Games app that lets Microsoft Teams users play games like Minesweeper and Solitaire in meetings.
The protagonist of Nioh 2 going up against a massive horse-like demon.

PS Plus November games lineup includes Nioh 2 Remastered and more

Sony has shared four games that are set for PlayStation Plus in November, including Nioh 2, Heavenly Bodies, and the Lego Harry Potter Collection.
Three fantasy characters striking a pose.

Here’s how to move your Elder Scroll Online Stadia progress to PC for free

Stadia users will keep their Elder Scrolls Online data as Bethesda has provided a way for them to transfer their progress to PC for free.
A series of social media app icons on a colorful smartphone screen.

This indie about the horrors of social media is a perfect Halloween game

If you've played all the horror game classics already, try this unsettling visual novel about social media this Halloween.
Animals work out together in Fitment.

This Animal Crossing-inspired fitness app is making my workout routine cozier

Fitment takes inspiration from Animal Crossing to create a cozier fitness app built around micro-workouts.
A large farm in Harvestella.

Coziness, control, and crops: Farming simulators are the ultimate escapism

With games like Stardew Valley continuing to captivate players, what makes the quiet farming simulation genre so appealing?
Two sims take a selfie at prom in The Sims 4: High School Years.

I recreated a perfect high school experience in The Sims 4

I put my Sims through the full high school experience, prom and all, in The Sims 4: High School Years.
Sims attend high school in The Sims 4: High School Years.

The Sims 4’s latest expansion recreates the full high school experience

The Sims 4: High School Years lets you live your teenage glory days. And yes -- there's a Sim prom.
Tiny Tina looks straight ahead in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

To embody Wonderlands’ Tiny Tina, motion capture actor had to become a gremlin

To bring the titular hero of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands to life, her motion capture artists had to embrace her inner gremlin.
A person plays 'Wordle' on an iPhone.

Test your video game knowledge with these Wordle clones

Wordle has spawned several video game spinoffs that test players' expertise. These are our favorites.
ps now vs xbox game pass the last of us remastered

Let’s Plays are out. The gaming video culture essay is in

Content creators explain the appeal of long-form video essays that take a deeper dive into video games.
A crowd of Sims attends an in-game musical festival.

The Sims is still a creative gold mine for content creators

While it may not be the cultural force it once was, content creators are still getting tons of mileage out of The Sims.
An esports player on St. Mary's esports team plays a game.

The college esports scene is ready for a boom in 2022

The collegiate esports industry could bring in close to 30 million viewers this year as universities double down.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake's cast stands together on a broken road.

In a chaotic year, I found comfort by replaying old, favorite games

Rather than keeping up with every new game in 2021, I found comfort in replaying old favorites.
Final Fantasy XV's cast walks down a road.

Five years later, Final Fantasy XV still feels like family

Final Fantasy XV fans reflect on the sense of family they've gotten from the RPG five years after its release.
A mail truck drives through a forest in Lake.

Cozy video games are the cure for our hectic modern times

While big-budget games get bigger and badder, more and more gamers are getting sucked innto modest cozy games.
Nintendo 64 console and games with a gradient overlay.

For Nintendo 64 collectors, every game is a treasured memory

On the 25th anniversary of the Nintendo 64, collectors reflect on why they're driven to track down classic games.
The cast of characters that appear in Frantic Fanfic.

Frantic Fanfic is a party game about writing terrible fan fiction

Frantic Fanfic is a free party game where players try to write bad fan fiction.
A mom speaks in Our Life: beginnings & Always.

Our Life developer explains the unconventional joy of visual novels

The developer behind the Our Life series explains what makes visual novels such an appealing game genre.
Characters in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch pros weigh in on the sequel’s shift to five-player teams

Overwatch 2 will reduce team size by one, and the change has professional players worried about their careers.