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Speaker notes in Presenter View in PowerPoint on a Dell monitor.

How to add notes to your Microsoft PowerPoint slides

You don’t have to wing it when presenting a slideshow. We’ll show you how to add notes to PowerPoint so that you have your talking points at your fingertips.
how to use dictation mac notes app

How to use dictation on a Mac

Whether for convenience or necessity, you can dictate documents, notes, emails, and more. Here’s how to use dictation on a Mac and common commands you’ll need.

How to use Quick Actions on a Mac

Automate tedious tasks and then perform them with a click. You can set up and use Quick Actions on a Mac to make frequently performed tasks faster and easier.
Using Continuity Camera in Pages on a MacBook.

How to use Continuity Camera

Snap photos or scan documents with your iPhone or iPad and have them immediately display on your Mac using the handy Continuity Camera.
Podcast word in orange from Pixabay.

How to listen to podcasts on a Mac

Bring your podcasts to your computer and never miss an episode. You can listen to podcasts for free on a Mac using Apple’s MacOS app or one from a third-party.
how to use continuity markup sketch mac ipad pencils pixabay

How to use Continuity Markup and Sketch

Sign a document, annotate an image, or sketch a picture on your iPhone or iPad and then use it on your Mac with Continuity Markup and Continuity Sketch.

How to use Apple Arcade on a Mac

If you subscribe to Apple Arcade, you can get gaming on more than just iPhone or iPad. You can use Apple Arcade on Mac to enjoy games anytime.
Open book on a MacBook in bed.

How to read books on a Mac

Take a work break, look up a reference, or check a manual for instructions with this guide on how to read books on a Mac using Apple Books and the Kindle app.
Clipboard on a desk with a Mac keyboard and mouse.

How to use Universal Clipboard

Copy and paste text, images, or videos from one Apple device to another. Universal Clipboard makes the process a breeze.
Inspect Element open in Safari on Mac.

How to use Inspect Element on Mac using the Safari browser

If you’re testing a web application or need to debug a webpage, learn how to use Inspect Element on Mac with the Safari browser.
iMac on a desk with glasses and a notebook from Pixabay.

How to use desktop Stacks to stay organized

Clean up the clutter on the screen you see most. Use Mac desktop Stacks to organize files, images, screenshots, or whatever you save to that popular spot.
Mac App Store on a MacBook.

How to block suspicious app downloads on a Mac

You can avoid downloading and opening dangerous apps on your Mac. Here are three ways to reduce the risk of installing malicious apps on your computer.
Sign In with Apple.

How to use Sign in with Apple on Mac and PC

You can speed up creating accounts and logging in, manage fewer passwords, and keep your email private using Sign in with Apple on Mac and Windows.
Open MacBook, keyboard on a marble desk.

How to clean a MacBook keyboard

If you’re having trouble with a key or two, or just want to remove gunk and germs, here’s how to clean a MacBook keyboard and what to avoid.
HEIC file to JPG conversion illustration.

How to convert HEIC files to JPEG on a Mac

You can convert HEIC files to JPEG on your Mac using built-in tools that make it easy to use and share images from your Apple devices in a more common format.
SD cards from Pixabay

How to format SD cards on Mac

If you have an SD card that you want to use for a new project or system, or one that’s receiving errors, learn how to format an SD card on Mac.