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Strikethrough in Google Docs on a MacBook.

How to strikethrough on Google Docs

You can easily cross out a word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph. We’ll show you how to strikethrough on Google Docs on the website and in the mobile app.
Items tagged with purple on a MacBook.

How to use tags on a Mac to organize your files

For a quick and easy way to organize and find your files and folders, use one of Apple’s built-in MacOS features. We’ll show you how to use tags on Mac.
MacBook Air on a patio table, outdoor office.

How to use motor accessibility features on a Mac

If you’re unable to use your mouse or trackpad, these MacOS motor accessibility features can help you navigate, perform tasks, use apps, and control your Mac.
MacBook on a chair with the TV app on the screen.

How to use the TV app on a Mac

Watch a new movie, catch up on your favorite show, or binge watch a popular series. With the TV app on Mac, you have terrific entertainment options.
Close up of a person's hands as they type on a laptop's keyboard.

How to unsubscribe from unwanted emails

Is your inbox filling up with emails you didn't ask for? Here’s how to unsubscribe from emails with your service’s tool or another method.
Print screen in PowerPoint on a Windows computer.

Don’t make another PowerPoint without knowing these 3 tricks

Before you create your next slideshow, check out these Microsoft PowerPoint tricks. You can save time, make shows for different audiences, and stay organized.
Man holding a finger to his lips depicting a secret.

How to go incognito in Safari on Mac

Wondering how to go incognito on Mac and keep the websites you visit to yourself? You can enable private browsing in Safari and protect your privacy.
Use Undo in Keynote on Mac.

How to undo changes in Keynote on Mac

With a couple of clicks or a keyboard shortcut, you can erase your last action. Learn how to undo changes in Keynote on Mac and redo them if needed.
New Quick Note on Mac.

How to use Quick Note in MacOS Monterey

Find out how to use Quick Note on Mac to capture thoughts, add a link, or highlight text from a page in Safari. Then, access Quick Notes in the Notes app.
Computer on a desk with a turnable and headphones.

5 ways to add music to PowerPoint

Wondering how to add music to PowerPoint to enhance your presentation? There are a handful of ways to include a song on a slide or set a background melody.
how to add printer mac pixabay

How to add a printer to a Mac

Whether you just bought a Mac or snagged a new printer, it takes only a few minutes to connect the two. We’ll walk you through how to add a printer to your Mac.
Google Docs in Firefox on a MacBook.

5 Google Docs tricks you didn’t know you needed

Create a Gmail draft, set up meeting notes, insert a drop-down list, and more. These are the best Google Docs tricks to date for improving productivity.
A Macbook with Google Chrome opened to a Gmail inbox.

If you use Gmail, you should know these keyboard shortcuts

Go to your inbox, snooze a message, or turn an email into a task. You can do all of this and more without lifting your fingers using Gmail keyboard shortcuts.
iPhone and a MacBook on a desk.

How to use AirPlay to stream or mirror your screen

Use AirPlay to mirror or stream from one Apple device to another. Play a video on iPhone and watch it on Mac, or put your Mac’s screen on your Apple TV.
Google Sheets on a laptop.

How to merge cells in Google Sheets

Want to know how to merge cells in a spreadsheet with or without data? Here’s how to merge cells in Google Sheets and options for cells containing data.
A MacBook owner using Google Sheets.

How to make a graph or chart in Google Sheets

Wondering how to make a graph in Google Sheets? Open your spreadsheet and get your data ready. It’s time for a crash course on chart creation in Google Sheets.
how to lock cells in google sheets locked warning imac

How to lock cells in Google Sheets

Keep your data and formulas safe. We’ll show you how to lock cells in Google Sheets to prevent editing, display a warning, and remove that protection later.
Squeezing a calculator.

The best Excel budget templates

Focus on managing your budget, not creating a spreadsheet to do so. For a great start, check out these best Excel budget templates for most any type of budget.
these microsoft excel tricks have been a lifesaver for my workflow dell computer desk

These Microsoft Excel tricks have been a lifesaver for my workflow

Speed up your daily tasks, reduce the risk of errors, and eliminate tedious work. These Excel tricks are sure to take your workflow to the next level.
Spreadsheet with numbers from Pixabay.

How to use the Excel IF function

Excel has a versatile If, Then function built right into it. We’ll show you how to use the IF function in Excel with a number of helpful examples.
Presentation on a Mac laptop sitting on a table.

The best PowerPoint templates

Looking for something new and different in a slideshow template? We have the best PowerPoint templates that have you covered for most any industry or purpose.
Word on a laptop showing clipboard, screenshot, and random text.

5 Microsoft Word tricks that revolutionized my workflow

Save time, reduce errors, and enhance your productivity. These Microsoft Word tricks can improve your workflow so you can focus on your document’s content.
how to add audio google slides play button futuristic pixabay

How to add audio or video to Google Slides

Enhance your presentation with a little sound. Here’s how to add audio to Google Slides for sound or narration as well as video from YouTube or the web.
Print screen in PowerPoint on a Windows computer.

How to print a PowerPoint presentation with notes

If you want a physical copy of your presenter notes in hand for your slideshow, we’ll show you how to print PowerPoint with notes for your next presentation.
Memoji in Messages on a MacBook.

How to create a Memoji on a Mac

Create a character version of yourself. You can create a Memoji on Mac to look just like you, with piercings, facial hair, eyewear, beauty spots, and more.
Edit Widgets screen on a MacBook on a desk.

How to use MacOS Monterey’s Notification Center widgets

Learning how to use MacOS Monterey's Notification Center widgets is a great way to improve your Mac experience.
MacBook on a desk with Control Center open.

How to use Control Center in MacOS Monterey

If you’re new to MacOS, you might be wondering, “Where is Control Center on Mac, and how do I use it?” We’ll show you what you need to know about this tool.
Pictures in Canva with one background removed.

How to remove a picture background in Canva

Make the subject of your photo or picture shine by taking away the distracting background. We’ll show you how to remove a background in Canva for your image.
Canva in Firefox on a MacBook.

How to use Canva

Learn how to use Canva to make a logo, poster, photo collage, greeting card, social media banner, book cover, and much more. We’ll walk you through it!
Find My app open on a MacBook on a desk.

How to use Find My on a Mac

With the Find My app on Mac, you can locate people, devices, and supported items easily. Open the app, choose what you want to find, and see its spot on a map.
Home app on a MacBook on the table.

How to control smart home devices with the Apple Home app

Control your HomeKit-connected devices easily in the Home app on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You can also set up automatic ways to control your accessories.
Headphones on a microphone in front of sound waves.

How to add audio to PowerPoint

Add some flair with music or sound effects, or record your own voice. We’ll show you how to add audio to PowerPoint for enhancing your next slideshow.
Bluetooth accessory connected to Mac.

How to connect Bluetooth accessories to a Mac

Did you pick up a new pair of earphones, a new speaker, or a similar Bluetooth accessory? You can connect Bluetooth on a Mac with any compatible device.
iPhone placed on MacBook.

How to answer phone calls on a Mac

If you own a Mac and an iPhone, enjoy the convenience of taking calls on your computer while you work or play. Here’s how to answer those phone calls on a Mac.