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glass update offers new features google

The next version of Google Glass may have an Intel chip inside

sony smartwatch 3 ifa hands on

Sony SmartWatch 3 now available via Google Play for $250

jawbone unveils 50 up move and 180 up3 trackers in time for hols

Heart rate is cool, but that’s just the beginning of what Jawbone’s UP3 can tell you

Samsung Gear S

Samsung’s futuristic superwatch, the Gear S, hits the U.S. on November 7

Samsung's large, standalone Gear S smartwatch will arrive at AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile on November 7.
fitbit charge surge fitness trackers and

Fitbit goes all-in with Charge and Surge fitness trackers

Fitbit announced three new fitness trackers today, including the Charge, Charge HR, and Surge.
sony smartwatch 3 ifa hands on

The GPS rocking, Android Wear sporting Sony SmartWatch 3 is yours for $250 with Verizon

intel make wearable competition best entries open bionics 32

Check out the coolest future tech from Intel’s Make It Wearable competition

samsung flexible battery

Samsung has made a battery so bendy, it’ll wrap around your wrist

apple watch release news edition gold

Apple Watch graces the cover of Vogue China, as iPhone 6 preorders top 1 million in 6 hours

The Apple Watch will appear on the cover of China Vogue this November. Meanwhile, iPhone 6 preorders in China topped 1 million in just 6 hours.

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apple watch leads smartwatch market 61 percent share android wear gaining ground samsung galaxy gear s ifa wearables

Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch coming to US this fall

6 hot smartwatches

6 sharp smartwatches ready to shatter their struggling stigma

The smartwatch hasn't exactly dazzled consumers... yet. Check out our favorite upcoming smartwatches, which could change all that.
samsung will stop releasing smartwatches for now gear s diesel black and gold

Samsung’s Gear S hits the catwalk at New York Fashion Week for Diesel Black and Gold

Samsung partnered with Diesel to add the Gear S smartwatch to the Black and Gold collection. The new leather bands debuted at New York Fashion Week.
Samsung Gear S

Hands on: Samsung’s phone-free Gear S still struggles with size, style

Samsung's new Gear S smartwatch looks like a futuristic bangle, but has the full functionality of a smartphone.
lg officially unveils round smartwatch g watch r 02

LG enters the round with the G Watch R, its latest Android Wear

samsung harman acquisition sign

Surprise, surprise, Samsung said to be prepping round-faced smartwatch