The 18K gold Apple Watch Edition may be a gold mine … literally

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David Sims/Apple

Apple has been pretty quiet about the pricing for its more upscale Apple Watch Edition options. So far, the company’s only said that the entry-level smartwatch will cost $350. Many have guessed that the high-end version of the watch could cost thousands of dollars — just like a premium Rolex. The 18K gold option is sure to cost a lot — especially given the price of gold these days.

Now, Greg Koenig, co-founder of Luma Labs, has estimated just how much gold may be in the Apple Watch Edition. Based on his calculations and a model he built of the Apple Watch, Koenig believes that it’ll pack 29.16g of 18K gold, which amounts to around $850 on its own. Once you add the high-end specs, sapphire glass face, leather strap, and other customizations to that number, you’re looking at a very, very expensive Apple Watch.

After all, a gold Rolex Submariner costs around $38,000 — even though the gold in it only amounts to $4,000.

Of course, Koenig’s estimates are inexact, and there’s no telling how much Apple will jack up the price of its gold Edition watches. Still, they’re expected to cost in the thousands of dollars. An earlier Wall Street Journal report hinted that the fancier versions of the Apple Watch may just become the most expensive items the Apple Store has ever sold. More than that super pricey, $4,000 Mac Pro? you ask. Well, yes — probably.