This is what a round Apple Watch might look like

designer makes round apple watch concept design

Apple unveiled its first smartwatch during the September 9 event where it debuted the two new iPhone 6 models. Surprisingly, the Apple Watch is square instead of round, which is widely regarded as the more appealing form factor for smartwatches. Of course, as Motorola and LG can surely testify, making a round smartwatch isn’t easy and comes with its own set of trade offs.

The Apple Watch’s looks are controversial, but many think it’s much more stylish than most other smartwatches that are currently on the market. Nonetheless, there are those who really wish it was round. Recently, UX and UI designer Alcion posted several concept designs of a round version of the Apple Watch on its website.

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apple watch roudn concept

When Apple showed off the Watch during the keynote, many noticed that the UI featured round icons and other circular elements to soften the look of the square smartwatch. The concept design shows just how nicely the software looks on a round watch face.

round apple watch concept 2

It’s entirely possible that Apple’s second-or-third-generation Watch will have a round face and slimmer look like the one seen in the concept design, but it seems that for now Apple fans will have to content themselves with a square watch or take another look and Android Wear’s round Moto 360 and LG G Watch R.