Can’t afford an Apple Watch Edition? This dog owns, and wears, two

There is a dog in China that owns two Apple Watch Editions. Let’s just break that sentence down. A dog. Owns. Two Apple Watch Editions. We don’t own one, and there is a good reason for that — they cost more than $12,000 each, so even one is way beyond our means. For a dog to have the requisite bank balance to purchase a couple of the extravagant timepieces makes us feel a little inadequate.

The dog is a Siberian Husky, and its disposable income no doubt comes from its owner, Wang Sicong, the son of Wang Jianlin. Heard of him? He’s the richest man in China, with an estimated wealth of $24.2 billion. Suddenly, buying a couple of Apple Watch Editions doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

How did all this become known? The dog posted photos of itself wearing both Watch models on its Weibo social network account. When you’re the dog of the son of the wealthiest man in China, you need a strong social presence. Presumably created with the help of a flunky with opposable thumbs, the pictures are accompanied by a little message. Translated, it says that the plan was originally to have an Apple Watch Edition for each leg, but that would be a rather unpleasant show of wealth. Yes, only wearing two neatly avoids that landmine.

Cheekily, the dog even asks if we have an Apple Watch Edition. The answer for most of us will be no. Perhaps amusingly, the dog — named Wang Ke according to the Weibo account — has upstaged the many celebrities photographed wearing the Apple Watch Edition around the time the wearable was launched. Names such as Katie Perry, Beyonce, and Jay Z were all flaunting the Watch, but despite having another arm going completely unused, all chose to wear a single Apple Watch. It has taken a rich dog to show them how it should be done.

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