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Turn your Apple Watch into a tiny Macintosh via this new stand from Elago

elago apple watch macintosh stand
The world of computing has come a long way since the original Macintosh was first released. Now, the Apple Watch, which after all is a tiny little computer that straps to your wrist, is far more powerful than computers being released in the Macintosh era. That doesn’t mean that we can’t feel a little nostalgic about the Macintosh days — and a company called Elago is helping to make that happen.

How? By combining the Macintosh with the Apple Watch through this Apple Watch stand that basically turns your Watch into a tiny Macintosh. The stand is called the W3 Apple Watch stand, and it supports Apple’s nightstand mode, so you can use it on your nightstand to work as a clock at your bedside. The stand also support both the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 — as well as both the 38mm and 42mm versions.

Of course, the product itself isn’t all that complicated, but we think its just as cool as other products that are. The little charging puck basically slides into a small hole in the stand, and the cable for the puck remains nice and hidden. Even the Apple Watch straps tie around the back of the stand, or you can remove the straps to make the stand look a lot more like the original Macintosh — although of course the keyboard and mouse aren’t there.

Now that you’re sold on the stand, you might be expecting it to come at quite a price — after all, it very well could be the best Apple Watch accessory out there. Thankfully, it only costs $15, and you can get it from Amazon right now. Elago actually makes a few pretty cool Apple Watch stands, so you might want to take a poke around its Amazon store section.

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