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Google improves Wear OS and Google Fit with health-focused updates

Google has announced several updates to Wear OS, its smartwatch software platform, as well as the Google Fit app. The updates concentrate on health, activity, and sleep, and the data provided will be easier to find than ever before. Even better, the Fit app’s changes are coming for both the Android and iOS versions.

What will we get? Let’s start with Wear OS. The changes here relate to Tiles, the quick-access information screens that appear with a left swipe on your smartwatch. The Workouts Tile adds a shortcut to show your most recent workouts, rather than having to dig into Google Fit’s menu to find them, and includes a shortcut to repeat the workout plan. You can also set goals and receive pace alerts from the Tile.

The Weather Tile is becoming more data rich, with detailed rain forecasts and meteorological alerts, plus it has a new look to make it easier to read quickly. Finally, the Breathe Tile adds a shortcut to Wear OS’ guided breathing exercises, and includes an overview of your heart rate during each one, plus a summary of sessions completed over the course of a week.

In Google Fit, you’re going to be greeted by a new home screen when you open the app. A new hub will make it easier to immediately see if you’re meeting daily and weekly goals, as well as your Heart Points and steps, along with some more specific data. For example, the hub shows heart rate and blood pressure (if you’re using a compatible device), plus weight alterations if you’re sharing them in the app.

Google’s made some changes to the way Google Fit deals with sleep, but you’ll need to have a specific device or app to take advantage. Provided you have a new Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch, or an Android sleep app like Sleep Cycle or Sleep As Android, Google Fit will collate sleep stages and overnight movements, as well asd provide the ability to set sleep schedules. Fit’s new sleep features work with Withings’ Sleep Analyzer and the Oura Ring wearable.

Google says the new features will arrive over the next few days. Keep an eye on the Google Fit app for an update there, too.

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