Apple Watch: Interactive demo lets you try out the smartwatch now

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With the Apple Watch rumored to launch some time in March, wannabe owners of the tech giant’s first smartwatch will be starting to get all fidgety and restless in eager anticipation of the device’s arrival.

So here’s something that might settle you down till the big day comes – an online interactive demo of Apple’s forthcoming watch.

It’s actually a clever marketing tool dreamed up by the team behind iOS news app Pipes, but it’s worth checking out for a few minutes of fun, and to see how some of the smartwatch’s apps might look on such a small interface.

As you’d expect, the demo kicks off with Apple Watch’s home screen showing a variety of apps, the icons of which will be familiar to most iOS users.

While some only click through to a still image, others actually have some interactive components, including, for example, the music and video apps. The Pipes app, meanwhile, features the most functionality, with the experience presumably pretty close to what you can expect with the real thing.

And once you’re done checking out each app, you simply tap or click on the watch’s Digital Crown to return to the home screen, just like the real thing.

A neat touch is the ability for developers to add their own logo to get a feel for how their own app icon looks on Apple’s smartwatch.

We assume Apple hasn’t green lighted this particular promotion, so one wonders if someone from the Cupertino company will be quietly contacting the Pipes team to politely ask it to take the demo down. So if the link no longer works, we apologize in advance!

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