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How does Jeb Bush really feel about the Apple Watch?

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His bid for the presidency may not be going swimmingly well, but if Jeb Bush is looking to exit politics, he may have an in as a tech consultant. Or at least a tech reviewer. In a recent interview with Business Insider, the former governor of Florida got serious about his feelings about the Apple Watch and its flaws. And as the presidential candidate tells it, those flaws are many.

Bush has served as an unofficial brand ambassador for Apple and its smart watch throughout the campaign, often seen sporting the sleek design on his wrist at rallies, speeches, and other public events. But as it turns out, he still has a few gripes with the product, namely with its battery life and its complexity.

“It requires a lot more work than it needs to. It’s not as intuitive as other Apple products,” he said in his video interview. “The battery gives out too quick,” he added, and also noted that he doesn’t “have time to learn all the applications.” Overall, however, he still seems like a relatively satisfied customer, admitting, “It’s cool,” with a smile.

Speculating on the future of the wearable, he predicted the release of the “iWatch 2 and iWatch 3” that would make the device even easier to use, at least, “for guys like [Jeb Bush].”

But what does Jeb Bush have on his Apple Watch? The former president’s brother also gave Business Insider a roundup of his favorite apps, including CBS Sports Fantasy for his all-American sports news, the AP app for staying up-to-date on current events, Kayak to help him and his team travel from place to place on the campaign trail, Kindle for his reading pleasure, and of course, the Wall Street Journal.

In fact, Bush claims to have an impressive 40 apps on his Apple Watch, which he uses “a lot,” so he sort of is quite the expert.

Ever the loyal customer, the Republican promised to hold out as an Apple Watch user “until someone comes out with something better.”

Well done, Apple. You’ve got a Bush on your side.

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