Misfit Ray and Shine 2 owners can now buy swim tracking as an in-app purchase

Misfit and Speedo are back at it again with an all-day fitness and sleep tracker that’s geared toward swimmers. It’s called the Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition, “powered by Speedo,” but if that’s too much of a mouthful you can just call it the Speedo Shine 2.

The first-generation Speedo Shine went on sale last September, and since then the design of Misfit’s second-generation product hasn’t changed much. In fact, design-wise, it’s just a little thinner, but it’s got a few new features like the addition of a vibration motor, multicolor lights, a countdown swim timer, text and call notifications, a vibration alarm, and Misfit Link compatibility. Oh, and a higher price at $120 — the original Speedo Shine cost $80.

The anodized aluminum device still performs the same functions as last year’s model in that it can track a swimmer’s lap count for all stroke types. On top of that, Misfit says it should be able to perform almost everything better — it should sync faster, have better touch responsiveness, and boast an extended Bluetooth range.

The added vibration motor will help keep you moving with Misfit Move activity reminders, and the 12 lights can display more than 16 million colors — enabling you to tell the time or check up on your progress easily. The countdown swim timer will have the Speedo Shine 2 vibrate when you’ve completed a workout.

The Misfit Link compatibility turns the Speedo Shine 2 into a remote of sorts, with preset triggers to choose from like a selfie trigger, presentation clicker, or a music remote. Just tap the tracker three times to trigger an activity — but the downside is that you can’t control multiple apps at one time.

But don’t buy the Speedo Shine 2 just yet. The company is offering the swim tracking and lap counting technology — which was available on the first Speedo Shine — to owners of the Misfit Ray or the Misfit Shine 2 as an in-app purchase of $10. It seems like the Fossil-owned company may be going the route of adding specific app activities for a small fee in the future.

“With this and future updates, Misfit users can customize and enhance their app experiences based on the activities and features that matter most to them,” the company says.

Like most Misfit devices, the Speedo Shine 2 uses a coin-cell battery which should last for six months. You can pair the tracker to an iOS or Android device via Misfit’s app, where you’ll also be able to see your data, including calories burned and points earned.

You can buy the Speedo Shine 2 now at Misfit’s website, or at SpeedoUSA.com and Speedo.com.

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