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The Misfit Speedo Shine is a fitness tracker that’s perfectly at home in or out of the water

Misfit, makers of the Shine and Flash fitness bands, has teamed up with Speedo to produce the Speedo Shine — a spin-off tracker that’s specifically aimed at swimmers. However, rather than concentrating solely on water-based activities — unlike wearables designed for runners, that often aren’t made to be worn all the time — the Speedo Shine retains the all-day tracking features found on a standard Shine.

Speedo’s involvement is more than just a branding exercise. The Speedo Shine was tested in its high-tech Aqualab, where the company develops its swimwear, to ensure the highest level of accuracy when used to monitor swimming. It recognizes all different strokes, and will record lap count and swim distance, so you concentrate more on style and form, rather than counting lengths. The Speedo Shine is waterproof to 50 meters, meaning it won’t be ruined by your local pool.

When you’ve dried off, there’s no need to put the Speedo Shine away until the next time you’re back into the water. You wear it all day to track steps and many other activities — from soccer to dancing — then at night to monitor your sleep. Twelve LED lights on the Speedo Shine’s circular body show progress towards your goal, the device syncs to Android or iOS using Bluetooth, and the watch battery will last for six months. In the future, Speedo will add support for the Speedo Shine to its own Speedo Fit app.

Like the Misfit Shine, the Speedo Shine is made from aluminum and is very thin and light, plus this model comes in an exclusive light silver color called Pure. Included in the box are several accessories, such as a choice of white or black bands, a clasp, and the Action Clip — a new clasp that’s designed to make sure the Speedo Shine stays where it’s put, even under extreme movement.

Misfit and Speedo will start selling the Speedo Shine on September 1 for $80, and you’ll be able to pick it up in Apple retail stores, or through Misfit and Speedo’s websites.

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