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Made from decades-old leather, only 197 of these Apple Watch straps exist

Your Apple Watch deserves a great strap. Not only is it the perfect way to personalize your watch; but the right strap can also make wearing it even more pleasurable. There are hundreds of options out there, but Pad & Quill’s newest may be one of the most special you’ll ever buy. It is a combination of everything we love — it’s a limited edition, it’s made from soft, aged leather that has been hidden away for decades, and it is signed by the craftsman who makes it. That’s pretty special for an Apple Watch strap.

What do you get? It’s Pad & Quill’s Lowry Cuff design, which means it resembles a cuff more than a strap, making it masculine and quite tough-looking, but still stylish and classic enough that it can be worn with just about any outfit. The top section tapers down to a slim strap to make it more comfortable on the wrist, and there is a cutout underneath so the heart rate sensor can still see your skin. The Lowry cuff is an established model in Pad & Quill’s range, so what makes this one really special?

The company says it acquired a collection of 80-year old, restored, European vegetable tanned leather, and quickly snapped it up with the intention of making something truly artistic. This is the result: 197 individually numbered, limited edition Lowry Cuff bands made from a leather sequestered away for the last 80 years. In addition to the embossed number, each band has the craftsman’s signature discreetly concealed on it. It’s arguably complete overkill for an Apple Watch strap, and that’s exactly why we love it.

Like all Pad & Quill Lowry Cuff straps, it comes with UV resistant stitching, a choice of black or polished hardware to match your Watch, and enough versatility to fit small and large wrists. The size of the cuff makes it only suitable for the larger Apple Watch models, so the hardware fits the older 42mm Apple Watches and the new 44mm Apple Watch models. If you own a 38mm or 40mm Apple Watch, sadly this strap is not for you.

You’re going to have to splash out for this unique Apple Watch strap though, as it’s a hefty $195, which is almost twice the price of Pad & Quill’s standard Lowry Cuff strap. Undeniably expensive, but what special product is cheap? It is available to purchase through Pad & Quill now and shipping starts on December 15.

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