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You don’t need pills for motion and morning sickness anymore — just ReliefBand

say goodbye to motion and morning sickness with reliefband
Monitoring your health is one thing, but actually treating it is a whole new ball game. And generally, it’s one that wearables haven’t tackled – until now. Instead of just telling you what your body is doing, the ReliefBand provides you with a tool to help alleviate nausea. FDA-approved and, believe it or not, doctor-prescribed in some cases, the ReliefBrand is among a new generation of wearables going beyond tracking and moving toward treatment.

This impressive band works by utilizing a technique known as neuromodulation. With accurately programmed pulses featuring an extremely specific waveform, frequency, and intensity, the ReliefBand is able to “stimulate the median nerve on the underside of the wrist,” thereby using your own neural pathways to block nausea. Now, rather than carrying a bag of pills aboard a plane or suffering through that dreaded first trimester of pregnancy, you can use this non-drug solution, avoiding the danger of potential side effects. Just slip it on your wrist, adjust its intensity, and within minutes, begin feeling better.

“With 70 percent of women experiencing morning sickness during pregnancy and more than 60 million people suffering from motion sickness, ReliefBand is fulfilling a very large unmet need,” said Nick Spring, CEO, ReliefBand Technologies. ͞”With wearable technology becoming accepted, the time is now right to bring this clinically proven technology that has been developed over decades to a device that people can buy without a prescription.”

Available now for just $90, the wearable is as useful as it is accessible, and because it’s totally reusable, you don’t have to worry about refills, new doctors’ notes, or any other hassles. And what could be better than replacing a pill with bracelet? So head on over to and start feeling like yourself again.

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