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This smart wristband wants to help out when stress gets too much

The Sensmi is the latest smart wristband to shift away from simply counting steps, and attempt to have more impact and meaning on our lives. Rather than focus on fitness, it’s all about stress management, rest, and meditation. The company says the Sensmi is the first product of its type, and has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to complete development.

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It works by measuring Galvanic Skin Response, or GSR, which is an apparently natural body response to excitement, stress, or nerves. The Sensmi monitors GSR using a biosensor, and having collected data, it uses an algorithm to provide feedback and action points, ready to help reduce and manage stress.

This is also used at night, where instead of recording movement, your sleep patterns are examined differently using the GSR sensor. The bio-data is crunched to give advice on improving sleep, identifying stress levels before going to bed, and pinpointing reasons for poor sleep quality. Sensmi’s app will recommend breathing exercises and other ways to relax, then provide instant feedback as to whether they actually worked — an interesting addition to the system. The idea is to help recognize stress points, understand them, and do something about it.

The band looks stylish in the pictures, and the textured material should make it comfortable to wear 24-hours a day. It’s water resistant, and the app works with both Android and iOS devices. If you’re wondering how much battery power the GSR sensor needs to operate, it’s about the same as other high-tech wrist bands, and we’re told to expect at least seven days before recharging it.

If the prospect of managing stress using a smart wristband appeals, and you’re quick enough to grab one of the early bird specials on Indiegogo, the Sensmi will cost you $100. Miss out and the price will go up, eventually hitting the regular retail price of $210. You’ll find the Indiegogo campaign details here.

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