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Timex’s $400 Ironman smartwatch doesn’t need your phone, uses AT&T’s 3G network (Updated)

timex ironman smartwatch data connection doesnt need phone att one gps watch
Timex entered the smartwatch fray with the Ironman One GPS+ back in August. Unlike competing devices from Motorola, LG, and Pebble, the new Timex doesn’t need to be tethered to a smartphone to connect to the Net. The company struck a deal with AT&T to provide the One GPS+ with its own 3G connection, which is free for the first year, allowing it to use data without sharing it with your phone.

Updated on 11-05-2014 by Andy Boxall: Added price and availability details from AT&T.

AT&T will charge you $400 for the Ironman One GPS+, and it’ll be available to pre-order in stores on November 7. If you’d prefer to pick it up online, you’ll need to wait until November 10. The first year of 3G connectivity is included in the cost, and each year after that will cost $40. AT&T subscribers will also have the opportunity to add it to their Mobile Share Value accounts, but the cost hasn’t been revealed yet.

The Ironman One GPS+ is primarily aimed at fitness fanatics who enjoy walking or running. The name gives away its primary function, and the GPS system will monitor your speed, pace, and distance travelled. This data can be shared with your fitness tracking website of choice, with RunKeeper and Strava being mentioned as options. You can also share the data with other people, like a trainer or motivator.

Timex Ironman One GPS+Timex has cooperated with Qualcomm on the Ironman One GPS+, and its one of the processor manufacturer’s Mirasol displays on the front, previously seen on Qualcomm’s own Toq smartwatch. It measures 1.5-inches and has a 288 x 192 pixel resolution. The Mirasol screen uses some clever techniques to remain visible even in bright sunlight, making it ideal for active outdoor pursuits.

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The data connection isn’t only for the GPS. The watch has its own messaging system, which uses a specific email address instead of a telephone number, plus an SOS emergency message feature. However, with no keyboard and no smartphone connection, replies will probably be pre-built. There’s 4GB of internal memory, ready to hold a playlist or two, and the Bluetooth connection can link up to a pair of headphones for music on the go. The watch is water resistant, and with the GPS active, the battery will last for eight hours.

According to USAToday, the watch runs the Brew operating system, but there’s no mention of any app store for the Ironman One GPS+. This is a shame, because a Spotify or Pandora app would make good use of the AT&T data connection. Timex’s Ironman One watch with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, priced at $450, hasn’t been announced by AT&T.

Article originally published on 08-14-2015

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