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Tory Burch is back with a new ToryTrack smartwatch after more than a year away

It has been more than a year since American designer brand Tory Burch released its first smartwatch, the ToryTrack Gigi, and now for 2020, it is back with the ToryTrack Tory Smartwatch. While the name may not trip off the tongue like the 2018 ToryTrack Gigi’s does, the smartwatch has been given a visual update that loses some of the generic styling of the Gigi and adds some recognizable Tory Burch design touches instead.

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Most noticeable is the crown on the side of the watch case, which has an octagonal design to match some of Tory Burch’s jewelry, and the two buttons that flank it. These are strict rectangles, which seem to follow the use of blocks and straight lines visible in the designer’s clothing and handbag range too. The face is circular and the case comes in either gold, rose gold, or a blue color. The buttons and crown are gold across all models.

The strap appears to be made from silicone, making it suitable for most situations, as it shouldn’t get uncomfortable and sweaty when worn at the gym. The case measures 40mm and the screen is 1.2-inches with a 390 x 390-pixel resolution. On the back of the case is a heart rate monitor and the body itself is water-resistant to 30 meters, so it should be swim-proof, just like many other watches based on the Fossil Gen 5 platform.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed by Tory Burch, it is highly likely the ToryTrack Tory will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 platform, but it’s not clear how much RAM will come with it, although we’re hoping for 1GB. This makes Google’s WearOS software perform much better than with smaller amounts of RAM. WearOS will make use of the watch’s NFC for contactless payments, plus Google Fit for fitness tracking. The battery should last for around a day, but Fossil’s additional battery-saving modes can extend this if you’re happy to do without some power-consuming features.

The three Tory Burch ToryTrack Tory Smartwatch models are available to purchase on the company’s website now. It’s yours for $295, which is slightly less than the ToryTrack Gigi in 2018. It faces stiff competition from Kate Spade’s colorful and sporty KSNY Sport Smartwatch, which was announced in October 2019 and is priced at $270.

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