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The cool band will make the Apple Watch’s one day battery last for two days

If you’re worried about the battery life on your new Apple Watch, then you may like the Wipowerband, a clever accessory that works like a power-extending case for your smartphone.

Made from plastic polymer with a silicone covering for comfort, the Wipowerband wraps around the back of the Apple Watch, coming between it and your skin. It measures 4mm thick so is sure to bulk up the design slightly, but at only 20 grams in weight, it won’t make a huge difference to the everyday feel of the Watch.

Inside is a 250mAh lithium polymer battery, which the company says has the potential to double the standard lifetime of the Apple Watch. Apple hasn’t put an exact figure on the expected usage time for the Watch, but it’s expected to be around a day, depending on use. The Wipowerband could take that single day use and make it a more useful two days.

It makes use of the Apple Watch’s inductive charging system to charge the device up, and can be taken off at any time and swapped for another band, without the need for unhooking cables or removing plugs from ports. Handily, it only needs a Lightning cable to charge up, so there’s no messing around with a proprietary system or to carry a micro USB cable, too.

The Wipowerband is available for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch models, with colors varying depending on which one is chosen. The larger 42mm band comes in blue, black, or white. The smaller 38mm band is yours in bright orange, even brighter pink, or far more ordinary white. You’ll pay $100 for the 42mm Wipowerband, or $90 for the 38mm version.

It can be ordered directly through the Wipowerband website using PayPal, and it’ll be delivered around May or June.

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