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Amazon wants to give you fashion advice with Outfit Compare, a new feature for Prime members

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Need some fashion advice? Don’t call up mom — just head over to Amazon. The online retail giant has been dabbling in apparel for quite some time now, having released its own private labels, ramped up its fashion ad spending, and debuted a fashion-focused show titled Style Code Live. And now, its latest investment in fashion comes in the form of a new feature it calls “Outfit Compare.”

Like many of Amazon’s most desirable features, you’ll have to be a Prime member in order to access fashion advice from the Seattle-based firm. Located under the “Programs and Features” section, Outfit Compare lets you upload two photos of yourself wearing two different outfits. Then you’ll get a verdict from an Amazon stylist, telling you which look you ought to go for.

Of course, the stylist will be kind in telling you what seems to be preferred — options include “Definitely pick this one,” “We like this better,” and “It was a close call,” so you’ll be able to tell just how difficult (or not) the decision was.

Amazon explains that the final outcome will depend on how the clothes fit, what colors best complement you, your styling choices, and what’s currently in vogue. To ensure that you’re giving both outfits a fair shake, Amazon suggests that you take photos of yourself in similar poses with similar backgrounds. And don’t worry — these selfies won’t circulate the web (unless you want them to). Those images uploaded to Outfit Compare will be seen exclusively by Amazon staff, and you can delete photos in the Outfit Compare app.

And as for the stylists who are ultimately doling out advice, Amazon says that they hail from a variety of backgrounds in the fashion industry, including retail, editorial, styling, and creative fields. Apparently, quite a few of these folks were hired specifically to work on this new feature.

Even if you’re not a Prime user, you’ll still be able to see the Outfit Compare feature on your iOS device (an Android version is coming soon), but you won’t be able to access it. So buck up, fashion-forward friends. There just appear to be more and more reasons to give Amazon your money.

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