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Artist’s collection of bizarre Street View glitches might actually spook you out

If you’ve ever looked closely at some Street View images, you’ll have noticed how occasionally the pictures don’t quite match up. These imperfections are down to the way some stitching software works, and can result in a rift in a road, a split in a building, or, as digital artist Kyle Williams discovered, a leg coming out of a woman’s chest.

Amused by this rather peculiar sight, Williams decided to see if he could find other similarly outlandish images on Street View, a quest that’s led to a growing collection of “glitch shot” screen grabs that are as spooky as they are downright hilarious.

Our favorite one is of the guy with no head taking a selfie (above), though the man with an arm emerging from his face comes a close second.

“I spent a total of about eight hours searching over a few days and found about 20 scenes that I really liked,” New York-based Williams told Quartz recently.

Many of the weird shots come from 360-degree photo spheres uploaded to Street View by users. The artist said that when he started out, he’d head to busy locations on Google Maps to search out the shots, though they don’t always turn up the best material.

“You could go to the map of a super-busy touristy part of any major city and find a bunch of these photo spheres with tons of people glitched together, evaporating into the background, tangled into a mess, but I like finding the quieter ones,” Williams said.

Beaches tend to offer the best content, he says, as they tend to have plenty of people milling about, while the sandy surroundings make for a nice color palette.

Check out some of Williams’ more bizarre discoveries in the gallery above, though try not to get spooked out….

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