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EU Looks Into VoIP Tapping

EU Looks Into VoIP Tapping

The European Union’s Judicial Co-Operation Unit – that’s Eurojust for short – is starting to investigate the possibility of tapping VoIP phone conversations, in the wake of Italy saying criminals are using encrypted networks like Skype to avoid phone tapping.

In a statement, Carmen Manfredda, Eurojust’s acting national member for Italy, said:

"The possibility of intercepting internet telephony will be an essential tool in the fight against international organized crime within Europe and beyond. Our aim is not to stop users from taking advantage of internet telephony, but to prevent criminals from using Skype and other systems to plan and organize their unlawful actions. Eurojust will make all possible efforts to coordinate and assist in the cooperation between Member States."

Eurojust hopes to "overcome the technical and judicial obstacles to the interception of internet telephony systems, taking into account the various data protection rules and civil rights."

Meanwhile, Skype told ZDNet that it had provided Eurojust with an explanation of its law enforcement program and capabilities, with a spokesman saying:

"Skype remains interested in working with Eurojust despite the fact that they chose not to contact us before issuing this inaccurate report."

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