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Keep Your Medical Details On A Flash Drive?

Keep Your Medical Details On A Flash Drive?

The MedAlert bracelet is a great idea, but can only carry so much information. But a former British SAS soldier has turned an idea that he used in Afghanistan into a business.

Back then, he had details like his allergies stored on a memory stick that he sewed into his clothes, in case of injury. Now he’s selling the U Tag, a memory stick that looks like a dog tag, and which can be worn or attached like a fob to a keychain. The aluminum case sports the medical snake entwined on a staff and the word ICE (In Case of Emergency).

According to the Guardian, the memory stick is password-protected, will work on all National Health systems, and all versions of Windows from ME onward. Only the holder of the U Tag can enter or edit details (which are brief – simply name, two contacts, general practitioner, insurance policy number and details of medical conditions and what medications are being taken). Simply clicking on a flag offers translations into the six main European languages, and holders can store scanned copies of a passport, driver’s license and travel insurance in a hidden folder only owners can access.

The U Tag costs $30 for the slimline and $35 for the slightly bulkier version.

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