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Thank you, hater: Comedian sings tribute to ‘hard working’ Internet trolls

A British comedian has produced her own mock tribute video thanking Internet trolls for all their hard work in trying to make her life a misery.

Isabel Fay’s video, called Thank You Hater, has already been watched more than 100,000 times since being posted on YouTube on Friday.

It starts with the comedian sitting in a cafe, reading a message on her laptop from a troll hoping she gets cancer. The upbeat and amusingly sarcastic song then bursts into life, with Fay thanking the trolls for their “constructive pearls of wisdom.”

Speaking to the Telegraph about her song, Fay is keen to communicate the fact that she doesn’t mind criticism; it’s vitriolic insults that she has a problem with.

“I’d like to be absolutely clear that I am responding to abuse not criticism,” Fay said. “Criticism is absolutely fair enough, and is to be expected, but what I don’t like is the level of abuse – and I’ve received a lot of sexual aggression. As a female doing comedy your appearance seems to be the first thing that people comment on and your content second.”

Other actors and comedians appear later in the video, ‘thanking’ the trolls for abusive comments sent their way.

So far Thank You Hater has received over 6,000 likes and 114 dislikes on YouTube, with comments — as you’d expect — covering a broad spectrum of opinion.

“Nothing like a wonderfully written song sung with a classy British accent to tell off the haters. Something really wonderful about hearing a Brit tell someone to fuck off,” wrote one.

“Stop filling up the Internet with shit like this,” wrote another.

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