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Who needs cable television when there’s quality entertainment on the Web? If you’re constantly getting links from friends about new YouTube videos and viral clips, perhaps you can be the first to share something interesting by following these awesome YouTube Channels. Categorized by archetypes, we hope these channels will be useful from whether you need instructional videos or updates of the latest news. YouTube, it’s not just for cats anymore. 

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For the Nerd

Minute Physics

Minute Physics

Want to learn all there is about physics but don’t have a long attention span? Minute Physics makes science easy to understand with each video never going on for more than several minutes (the most is around seven minutes, but that’s a rarity; most average around 1:30). The channel helps explain everything from “What is Fire?” to the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson. Now, you don’t have to feel lost when your geek friends discuss scientific topics and easily follow along.


Nurd Rage

Scientific explanations might be cool, but everyone knows it’s the experiments that drew us all to actually attending class back in grade school. Nurd Rage fulfills those fantasies by conducting neat experiments that are probably not recommended for you to try at home. This way, you can live vicariously through the professional while still learning a thing or two.

Crash Course

Crash Course

Made by the two brothers responsible for Vlog Brothers, Hank and John Green, this channel offers short, 40-video courses on anything from biology to literature. Using illustrations and animation, these videos can make anyone kind of care about a nomenclature, and maybe help you pass a test or two. 



Nerdist is the brainchild of Chris Hardwick, or that guy that talks after The Walking Dead. It started as a podcast dealing with all things nerdy from Star Trek to Game of Thrones, and has grown into a mega-channel that encompasses any and every kind of geek. It has a huge range of videos that anyone could find something to match their guilty pleasure, even if it’s math with Winnie from The Wonder years. 

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