Get matched with your fitness soulmate with Trainerize.me

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Getting in shape can be hard, but technology is here to make it just a bit easier — at least in theory. For those of us looking for our fitness soulmate, Trainerize has launched the first online platform created to match users with a personal trainer using customizable criteria. With Trainerize.me, your individual needs and fitness goals will help determine which of the thousands of trainers available in Trainerize’s database is right for you. Once you’ve found your match, the Trainerize app will connect you to your new workout specialist at any time, keeping you in constant communication. You’ll be able to share meal plans, log workouts, and track progress with your trainer, and take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Using location, desired services, specialty, and price as filters, users should be able to find a fitness expert that suits their needs. Think of it as Tinder for fitness, with the end result being health instead of heartbreak.

Initially launched as a software solution for trainers to meet their business goals “by staying organized and connecting with clients on a strategic level,” Trainerize CEO Sharad Mohan said the company sought to “create another platform that also helps consumers achieve their fitness goals.”

“Trainerize.me puts the power in the hands of the consumer,” he said. “It’s designed much like a dating app, bringing the concept of matching algorithms and software into the fitness world.”

And thanks to recent integrations with both Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, Trainerize is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for your fitness needs.

“As industries continue to make the online shift, personal training is too,” Mohan said. “We are utilizing the convenience of fitness tech and mobile communication to make staying healthy easier than ever.

“Our primary goal with Trainerize.me is to provide an online platform and app where trainers can market themselves based on each unique skill set, and clients can achieve optimal fitness results with an easily accessible and connected personal trainer.”