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How to turn off Twitter’s enlarged photo previews … on your phone

turn twitters enlarged photo previews least phone twitter preview iphone

If you’ve logged into Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that photos are taking up a lot more of the stream than before. Twitter has indeed rolled out a new feature that bumps up the size of shared Vine and photo content previews (for a variety of reasons that basically come back to making money) and they now take up a considerable amount of space. 

With the new feature comes plenty of complaints: Photos are taking up too much room, feeds move slower, users don’t want to see such a large preview of every Twitter-loaded pic and Vine video that hits their feeds.

Well, you’re in luck – or half in luck. When it comes to the Web, you’re stuck with the new photo-heavy Twitter, but there’s a very easy fix for the mobile app. Android and iOS users who’ve updated Twitter now have the plus sized images version. But you can roll things back by simply hopping into settings (hit “me,” and then the gear icon), and under “general,” toggling Image Previews to off. 

twitter preview images on and off

Now, if you haven’t updated your app and don’t feel especially motivated to, don’t! You’ll be giant preview-proof. 

That’s it; now you can look at Twitter – at least, on your phone – in relative peace. Know that turning this off turns off all previews, though, so don’t be surprised when your stream becomes text-heavy.

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