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Wozniak Goes To Fusion-io

Wozniak Goes To Fusion-io

He’s doesn’t have the visibility of Steve Jobs, but Steve Wozniak was just as instrumental in the formation of Apple – its co-founder, in fact. But it’s a long time since he’s held an official position with the company.

Now, however, he’s gone back to work, not for Apple, but taking a post a Salt Lake City-based Fusion-io, with provides enterprise solid-state architecture. He’ll act as technical advisor to the R&D group, as well as with the executive team.

"With the revolutionary technological advances being made by Fusion-io, the company is in the right place at the right time with the right technology and ready to direct the history of technology into the 21st century and beyond," he said.

"The technology marketplace has not seen such capacity for innovation and radical transformation since the mainframe computer was replaced by the home computer. Fusion-io’s technology is extremely useful to many different applications and almost all of the world’s servers."

Wozniak was already on the company’s advisory board.

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