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Crossover fever spreads as Aston Martin confirms production-bound DBX

Break out the champagne glasses: Aston Martin has just secured £200 million (nearly $275 million) in additional funding from its parent company and one of its largest investors. The cash will allow Aston to build the high-riding DBX concept that was presented to the public last March at the Geneva Motor Show.

The DBX represents Aston’s first serious attempt at becoming a more mainstream automaker by going after a broader target audience. Billed as the first family-friendly Aston Martin, the production version of the crossover will likely adopt a more practical five-door body style and get a longer, less coupe-like roof line. The front fascia is expected to make the jump to production with only minor modifications such as the addition of more realistic-looking headlights.

Surprisingly, Aston CEO Andy Palmer revealed the concept’s all-electric drivetrain is completely realistic and a tweaked version of it could find its way into the production model. The crossover will also be offered with Aston’s next-generation eight- and twelve-cylinder engines that are currently being developed in Stuttgart by none other than Mercedes-AMG.

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At least three additional new models will join the DBX, Aston has embarked on the biggest model expansion in its 102-year history, but Palmer refused to provide insight into what else the company’s engineers are working on. He explained that production of its core models like the Vantage will always be limited to 7,000 units in order to retain the sense of exclusivity that buyers seek, but models with a more mainstream appeal like the crossover are necessary in order to ensure the company’s long-term sustainability.

Aimed largely at the United States, China and the Middle East, Aston Martin’s first-ever crossover is expected to land in showrooms by 2020. When it goes on sale, it will have to fend off competition from a growing number of luxury off-roaders including the Bentley Bentayga, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and the Lamborghini Urus.