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ATi PCI-Express Previews

Quote from the preview at HardOCP:

“ATi’s Mobility Radeon X600 & Axiom lays claim to being the first PCI Express mobile solution to the market, power comparable to desktop GPUs and open-end upgradeability. With more than a handful of OEMs on board already onboard, the future of the latest in a long line of mobile GPUs seems bright. “

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Quote from the preview at The Tech Report:

“BACK IN MARCH, we explored ATI and NVIDIA’s strategies for tackling the new PCI Express graphics standard. At the time, ATI touted the benefits of a native approach to PCI Express that eschewed bridge chips like NVIDIA’s High-Speed Interconnect (HSI). ATI’s native PCI-E implementation was certainly an elegant solution, but at the time the company didn’t have much to say about specific PCI Express graphics products. Now, more than two months later, ATI is unveiling a family of PCI-E offerings that includes Radeon X800, X600, and X300 series graphics products. Those familiar with next-generation graphics will no doubt recognize the Radeon X800, but the X600 and X300 are new, sort of. Join me as I uncover what’s new, what’s not, and what’s missing from ATI’s PCI Express graphics lineup.”

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Quote from the preview at Anandtech:

“Of course, after this first round of PCI Express graphics card releases, ATI will be slowly moving its new R4xx style architecture down through the mid-range and low end as well. It remains to be seen how NVIDIA is going to handle the mainstream market segments, but ATI is only bringing a few new enhancements to their current lineup of graphics cards today. Among the new include PCI Express support, a 110nm fab process for the X300 (which we assume to be based on the 9600 core due to its RV370 model number), and a couple of new power-saving and image quality enhancing technologies that will come to the mobile market whenever the Mobility Radeon X600 finally makes its way into a notebook near you.”

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