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How to convert WMA files to MP3

How To Convert WMA To MP3

Microsoft developed Windows Media Audio (WMA) in an effort to undermine the MP3, Apple’s AAC compression, and other codecs.  Since its initial introduction, the format has grown to support a range of audio types beyond compressed audio — from high-fidelity audio and multi-channel surround sound, to a compression algorithm specifically tailored for the human voice.

However, while WMA still remains widely used today, the proprietary codec pales in comparison to MP3 and other digital formats. If you listen to music on anything remotely similar to an iPod, you’ll likely have to convert your WMA files into a more accessible format before enjoying your tunes.

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a simple guide for converting WMA files into MP3. There are a variety of methods for you to choose from, whether you prefer Web-based or third-party desktop programs.

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Cloud Convert (Web-based)

Lunaweb Ltd.’s freemium Cloud Convert has been a recent mainstay in the conversion world. Though the intuitive software has remained in the public beta phase for more than a year, it still allows you to quickly convert between more than 100 different file formats — including WMA and MP3 — provided your files are less than 100MB. Moreover, the resulting audio quality is great, and the site features a simple-to-use interface that’s also completely devoid of ads, making it easy on the eyes.

Step 1: Navigate to the main Cloud Convert homepage and click the Select files button located on the left-hand side of the page. Afterward, select the the desired file you wish to convert from its respective save location, or simply click and drag said file into the browser window.

Cloud Convert

Step 2: Once the file is uploaded, click the select format button and select MP3 from the resulting drop-down menu before specifying whether you’d like to receive the resulting file in Dropbox, Google Drive, or your email inbox. Keep in mind Cloud Convert will simply provide you with a download link if you don’t check a box.

Converting to mp3 using cloud convert

Step 3: Click on the wrench icon to the right of your desired conversion format to access the advanced options. From there, you can fine tune a number of settings, including the resulting bit rate and audio frequency.

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We suggest setting the bit rate to 192k or higher and the sampling rate to 44100 if you’re looking for high-quality audio. Click the blue Okay button at the bottom of the pop-up window when you’re satisfied with your settings.

Cloud Convert options

Step 4: Click the Start Conversion button to start converting your file. Once it’s finished, click the Download option or navigate to the save location you previously set to retrieve your newly-minted MP3.

Cloud Convert output format
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