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Teach your child how to sleep right with the new Suzy Snooze baby monitor

Talk to any new parent or veteran of the child-rearing experience and you’ll find that one of the biggest difficulties to overcome is the lack of sleep. Of course new children need attention, but if they would just go to bed on time and not awaken until morning, everyone’s lives would be a lot easier. That’s what Suzy Snooze wants to make happen and it’s already turning more than a few parents’ heads.

Combining a baby monitor, sleep trainer, and nightlight all in one connected gadget with its own smartphone app is quite a tall order, but that’s exactly what the cutesy little Suzy Snooze is.

Currently up on Kickstarter with a target of $50,000 that looks very likely to be reached over the next 30 days, Suzy Snooze is another brainchild of Bleep Bleeps, the same company that Kickstarted Sammy Scream two years ago. This time it’s back with a design that’s the complete opposite, but no less smart and cute.


Created in partnership with Mumsnet and the chief medical officer at Sleepio, Colin Espie, Suzy Snooze is a small plastic device with a bright orange paint job and a cute little face on its front. When a child is ready for dreamland, one press on her head sets Suzy to work, providing your child with a comforting orange glow and relaxing sounds to help them slip off to sleep.

Once there, Suzy acts as a nightlight, which will run all the way through the night. Suzy will also listen in through a built-in microphone to give you an all-in-one baby monitor too. All communications are sent over Wi-Fi, with secure AES encryption to ensure anyone listening in wouldn’t be able to understand anything.

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Most importantly though, Suzy’s face stays hidden until you decide that wake-up time has arrived, which is a great way to teach your kids when they can get up. If Suzy’s not awake yet, it’s not time yet.

All in all, this device should provide parents with some extra sleep and may start to build healthy sleeping habits for their kids that will last for years to come. Of course we can’t endorse or recommend a product which isn’t available yet, but Bleep Bleeps has a strong pedigree to back up its new product.

Available to pre-order now on the official campaign page, Suzy Snooze will set you back the special Kickstarter price of $150, or you can wait until next year when they are slated to begin shipping (March 2017), at which point they will retail for $175.

Other options include an early beta version of the hardware available in December this year, as well as multi-thousand-dollar partnership opportunities.