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This amazing lunatic soloed Destiny’s moon raid with the worst gun ever

Beware: Extreme Destiny nerdery ahead.

Destiny‘s raids are endgame content. You’re not playing one until you’ve sunk a good 10 to 15 hours into the game, at the very least. And even then, you need to coordinate with five friends who are at a similar point in the game (or use a site like DestinyLFG) and find a time when you can all commit a few hours to figuring out these massive, multi-part quests.

At least, that’s what most people need to do. Not YouTube user Silverhawkz0 though. Others have tackled the Crota’s End raid solo already, so this Guardian went the extra mile and accomplished the feat using Destiny‘s worst gun: No Land Beyond.

No Land Beyond is an Exotic sniper rifle that, along with Crota’s End, was included as part of Destiny‘s recent The Dark Below expansion. It stands apart from every other sniper rifle in the game in that it can only be equipped as a primary weapon (all other sniper rifles go in the secondary slot). It’s also a bolt-action rifle that needs to be cocked after each shot, and its ammo maxes out at 22 bullets (a 6-shot clip).

Sure, it’s powerful. But it shoots super slow and it has virtually no ammo. In a fast-moving, high-volume game like Destiny, it’s awful.

Now that you have the necessary context, why not give this bananas runthrough of Crota’s End a watch. It’s broken into five parts, all embedded below. Congratulations, Silverhawk0. You possess skills that most mortals do not possess.

Part I: Abyss

Part II: Bridge

Part III: Thrallway

Part IV: Deathsinger

Part V: Crota