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DICE warns of continuing ‘intermittent connectivity issues’ in Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is starting to challenge SimCity for 2013’s most disastrous launch, with “intermittent connectivity issues” continuing to plague the game’s online multiplayer mode, per an update headlining the Battlelog website (via Game Informer). The latest update, released right before Christmas, was supposed to have addressed the many nagging issues and, from what we’ve seen (on Xbox One, at least), it worked. There’s still some clunky design – good luck joining a game with friends and having everyone end up on the same squad or team, for example – but most every match that we’ve tried since the holiday break connects and runs flawlessly.

There’s no elaboration on the newly posted alert beyond the fact that “various platforms” are affected, and DICE’s Issues Tracker – a locked forum thread that documents the biggest problems plaguing Battlefield 4 – hasn’t been updated since December 20. Hopefully, the new alert is just a lingering byproduct of the disastrous launch. A real pity, given how excellent the game is when it’s working. 

Battlefield 4 was in the news over the weekend when word emerged that China banned the game completely, as a danger to the country’s national security. The game’s campaign casts China – namely a rogue Chinese general with the keys to the nation’s military – as the villain, and the recently released China Rising DLC pack offers up a number of warzones for the multiplayer mode. The Chinese Ministry of Culture calls it “an aggressive attack on our culture” in a prepared statement.