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Amidst ongoing Assassin’s Creed Unity woes, Ubisoft communicates regularly with players

Ubisoft has released a day one update already for Assassin’s Creed Unity, and is working on further updates to address the glitches that have plagued the game. To that end, the publisher has started to maintain a running list of bugs and planned fixes on the game’s official website.

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In the immediate future, the developers are focused on the most flagrant errors, such as Arno falling through the ground, getting stuck inside of objects, and the game crashing  when attempting to join a cooperative session. In the slightly longer term they intend to address less immediately game-breaking flaws like frame rate performance, graphical and collision issues, and difficulties with co-op matchmaking.

Ubisoft asks that you continue to send feedback and report any bugs that you experience so they can polish up their freshly released game.

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