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Get The Book on Video Game Marketing

Get The Book on Video Game Marketing

Embassy Multimedia managing director (and Digital Trends contributor!) Scott Steinberg has literally written the book on video game marketing: Video Game Marketing and PR, Vol. 1: Playing to Win. With a foreword by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins and first-person wisdom from executives at Epic Games, Turbine, Midway, Atari, Sony, Konami, and many more first-tier game companies, Video Game Marketing and PR is a succinct guide to promoting and marketing video game titles.

The book includes concrete tips on how to manage a game’s public relations rollout, generate enthusiasm in the gaming community and keep franchise fans on-board, and how to consistently score press headlines and earn high review scores. And of course, emphasizes that the whole point of the exercise is to entertain millions of people and help make your visionary game into the top-selling title it deserves to be.

How does Scott know all this stuff? Embassy Multimedia is a leading consulting firm working with game industry developers, publishers, and investors on getting their games out the door one the road to commercial success; he’s also a well-known freelance author in the game business, writing for (ahem!) Digital Trends as well as dozens of other outlets.

Video Game Marketing and PR will be available in paperback and hardcover form from retailers beginning May 15, 2007 at prices of $17.95 and $27.95, respectively, as well as on sale in ebook format for $6. But here’s a little secret: for the time being, gaming industry professionals, developers, marketers, and even just huge game fans can download the book in PDF format for free. Go nuts.

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