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The Wire, Game of Thrones, and John Oliver are now on your PS4 with HBO GO

The HBO GO app is now available for PlayStation 4, according to Sony.

It functions just like the corresponding app does for PlayStation 3. Authenticate your console with a valid HBO subscription (your parents’, a friend of a friend’s, or whomever’s account you use) here and you’re good to go. If you don’t have access to an account and have no interest in signing up for cable or satellite, then you can just hold out until April 2015 when HBO starts offering standalone Go subscriptions.

HBO Go comes with hours and hours of films and original programming. You have a little more than a month to re-watch Game of Thrones in anticipation of the season five premiere on April 12. John Oliver just returned for the second season of the fantastic satirical news show, Last Week Tonight. And if Serial left you hungry for more engrossing true crime, The Jinx is a few episodes into its unsettling examination of the murders surrounding real estate scion Robert Durst.