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Here’s what you can do if you’re having PS4 issues after the v2.0 update

The version 2.0 update for Sony’s PlayStation 4 is live as of October 29, but it seems to have brought with it a host of issues in addition to new features like Share Play and a revised Standby Mode, now called Rest Mode. It’s the latter that’s causing issues for some — though it’s not the only source, as the response on NeoGAF suggests — with certain consoles simply not powering back up when put into Rest Mode. Not how it’s supposed to work, just so we’re clear.

The ongoing issues have of course been a topic of discussion on Reddit, and there’s one thread in particular you might want to take a look at if these issues are troubling you. Different users there are reporting varying degrees of luck (some good, some not so much) with fixing the Rest Mode issue by powering down the console completely, either by unplugging it or holding the power button down for 5-7 seconds, and then booting it back up in Safe Mode.

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To start in Safe Mode, press and hold the power button after the console’s been powered off, and keep your finger there for several seconds, until you hear a second beep. A text-only menu should pop up on the screen. Some suggest reinstalling the latest firmware (option #3) while others suggest restoring original settings and/or rebuilding the database (options #4 and 5). It seems that there’s no one fix that’s working for everyone, but some are having success at least. Another fix that’s been suggested, at least for addressing other issues, involves turning off the console’s online capabilities.

One poster specifically notes that you can spot Rest Mode issues if the strip of light on the top of the console is blinking orange; a solid orange light means you’re fine. Though you’re probably not fine if your console isn’t turning on, regardless of what that light is doing.

Sony hasn’t yet responded to Digital Trends’ request for comment, but the issue is widespread enough now that 2K Games postponed the “Big Alpha” for Evolve on PS4, which was set to happen over the Halloween weekend. Expect this to be officially addressed soon; we’ll update this post once we hear more.