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How to connect your smartphone or tablet to a PS4

Sony did more than merely upgrade a few internal components and the exterior design for its latest console. The PlayStation 4 was built to entertain from the very beginning, serving as a central hub for all your games, photos, music, and other media within a single environment tether to the PlayStation Network. With access to a host of apps like Hulu Plus, Netflix, MLB.tv, and Music Unlimited, the PS4 experience goes far beyond gaming. In an effort to further solidify the next-gen console’s integration with smartphones and tablets, the company even created a mobile app that directly links to your PSN account and allows you to utilize the PS4’s native functionality on your mobile device. You may not be able to play games on the small screen, but you can browse profile information, chat with friends, compare trophies, purchase content, and use your device as a second-screen when available — all within the palm of your hand. Nonetheless, like any modern-day electronic device, it takes a bit of setup to get underway.

Here’s our comprehensive walkthrough on connecting a smartphone or tablet to your PS4, so you take advantage of everything the PS4 has to offer from afar. Also, check out our guide for connecting your smartphone to an Xbox One.

Step 1 — Download the PlayStation app

Before downloading the PlayStation application you’ll want to update your smartphone or tablet to a current software version. For iOS users, you’ll want at least version 6.0, while Android users want at least version 4.0. With your phone’s software updated, head over to your smartphone’s respective app store, whether it be iTunes or Google Play, and enter “PlayStation” in the resulting search field to locate the application.

Click the Install button to begin downloading the app to your smartphone or tablet as you would normally, open the application when finished downloading, and navigate to the settings menu located in the bottom right of the app’s homescreen. Afterward, sign in to your PSN account via the Sign In button and allow the application the sync your PlayStation Network settings.

Platform Download Link
iOS Click here
Android Click here

Step 2 — Sync your smartphone or tablet to your PS4

To begin the sync process, tap the Connect to PS4 button in the bottom-left corner of the PlayStation application and select your console from your network. Once found, navigate to the Settings menu on your PS4, select PlayStation app connection settings, and choose the Add new device option to receive a registration number for your smartphone or tablet. Afterward, enter the eight-digit number displayed on the TV on your mobile device and allow the sync to complete. Your synced device should now located under Add Device on your PS4.

PlayStation App Screens

Step 3 — Use the app

With your smartphone or tablet now synced to your PS4, you have access to a wide range of features. The app grants you the ability to send messages to any of your PSN friends, receive updates regarding what games your friends are playing, and even view and compare game trophies with others. The app also allows you to make purchases in the PlayStation Store, which then download to your system while in standby mode. Moreover, several PS4 games — such as Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs — feature companion functionality you can use while gaming.

For instance, Battlefield 4’s app grants access to your PSN friends, your own online multiplayer stats, and even lets you customize your weapons or character load outs on your mobile device. More functionality is sure to come — especially given high-profile games like Destiny are set to utilize mobile devices.

PlayStation Network Screens

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