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Logitech’s G13 Gaming Board Uses One Hand


Logitech is certainly no stranger to gaming keyboards. After establishing itself with the G15 and G11 in years past, the company added a radical new one-handed version to the G-series on Tuesday with the announcement of the G13 Advanced Gameboard.

Designed as a game-centric supplement to the traditional mouse-and-keyboard layout, the G13 offers players 25 programmable keys within reach one of on hand, a contoured design, plus an LCD for displaying data like live stats, system info, and chat messages from other players.

The keyboard has also been tuned with a handful of other features specific to gamers, like a home row with large concave buttons for locating it blind, a heavy design to keep it from sliding on a desk, and backlit keys to play in the dark. Gamers can also assign macros to the individual keys, to make them perform complex tasks with one click. There’s even a micro joystick for left-handed thumb use.

The G13 will go on sale in December with a price tag of $80.