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‘Gran Turismo 6’ officially confirmed, coming to PlayStation 3 this fall

Gran Turismo 6 for PS3 and PS Vita

UPDATE: It’s official: Gran Turismo 6 is coming to PlayStation 3 this fall, Sony confirms. A tweet from PlayStation Europe’s official account confirms the news, quoting Polyphyny’s Kazunori Yamauchi. Details continue to spill out on the Twitter feed. The sequel will run on an improved version of the Gran Turismo 5 engine.

Yamauchi promises that 1,200 cars will be available at launch – with more to come – and that 71  course layouts will be available, spread across 33 confirmed locations. The plan is for monthly DLC releases and it sounds like the game will support user-generated content via a built-in Course Maker. The game will apparently “be compatible with multiple devices” and will offer social features like racing communities and user-created championships.

Check out the trailer at the bottom of the post for a peek.

ORIGINAL POST: A completely blank product page for the unannounced Gran Turismo 6 popped up recently on Polyphyny Digital’s official website for the series, gran-turismo.com. It only features the words “products” and “Gran Turismo 6.” Polyphyny is an internal Sony studio, meaning that it’s fair to speculate that the unannounced game could see a formal reveal soon. Hey, look at that: E3 is less than a month away, Joystiq pointed out the Gran Turismo 6 page after being alerted by a reader tip.

Sony continues to drop hints that development on Gran Turismo 6 is underway. A telling customer questionnaire from 2012 suggested that PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions were in the making. Then in February, Sony Europe vice president Michael Denny suggested again that the racer will be released on PlayStation 3. There’s also a 2012 comment from Polyphyny boss Kazunori Yamauchi from last year that suggests GT6 is bound for Sony’s at-the-time unannounced PlayStation 4.

With the official product page appearing this close to June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 seems as good a time as any for Gran Turismo 6 to finally be officially unveiled.