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‘Warframe’ on Xbox One may be heading to Europe following a PEGI rating [updated]

UPDATE: Digital Extremes responded to our request for comment with a not at all unexpected, “We have nothing to announce at this time.” You can now resume your New Year’s Eve festivities planning.

ORIGINAL POST: Warframe, Digital Extremes’ free-to-play, co-op third-person shooter on PC and PlayStation 4, appears to be headed for an Xbox One release – at least in Europe. An Xbox One content rating recently appeared alongside the PC and PS4 entries in the PEGI database, but there has been no official word on a release on Microsoft’s console yet. PEGI, short for Pan European Game Information, is Europe’s game ratings agency, analogous with the United States’ own ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board). The Warframe rating was spotted by Twitter user @lifelower (via Polygon).

Warframe is Digital Extremes’ latest, following the release of Star Trek, the co-op third person shooter based on the film series. The developer is perhaps best known for its work on the Unreal series though, and more recently on 2K’s 2012 release, The Darkness II. Prior to this notice though, there’s been no hint of any plans for a Warframe release on Xbox One. It was announced for PC in 2012, then launched an open beta in early 2013, and the PS4 version later arrived alongside the console’s November launch. 

The PEGI rating tags Warframe for “Extreme Violence,” noting that it’s recommended for the 18+ crowd only (the same as an M rating from the ESRB). The “2013-12-31” release date that’s listed is likely just a placeholder. And to be clear, Digital Extremes still hasn’t announced any plans to release Warframe for an Xbox console, in Europe or elsewhere. The presence of a PEGI rating certainly suggests that such a thing will happen (in Europe at least) at some point, but we won’t know for sure about that, or the possibility of a U.S. release, until there’s official confirmation. 

We’ve reached out to Digital Extremes for comment and will update this post accordingly if/when we hear more.