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Wii to Launch at GameStop, Toys ‘R’ Us

Nintendo announced today that it has selected retailers GameStop and Toys ‘R’ Us to host launch events for its new Wii video game console on November 19th. Both chains have already run through their alottments of pre-orders for the new consoles, in which eager customers were able to reserve a system in advance of the Wii’s official launch. Toys ‘R’ Us’s flagship store in New York City’s Times Square will host an official launch event, as will GameStop’s Universal CityWalk location in Los Angeles.

The Nintendo Wii’s November 19th launch day follows right on the heels of Sony’s November 17th launch of its PlayStation 3 video game console. However, with a price tag of $249.99, the Wii may appeal to consumers put off by the $499 to $599 price tags Sony will be hanging on its much-anticipated console. The Wii does not feature a high-definition DVD drive (whereas the PlayStation 3 will feature a Blu-ray drive), but the Wii’s motion-sensing wireless controller has garnered rave reviews from both hardened gamers and folks who don’t normally spend much time around game console.

Neither Toys ‘R’ Us nor GameStop has revealed how much inventory of the Wii console they will have onhand, but the Wii is expected to be in good supply at launch, unlike the PlayStation 3 which is facing severe production shortfalls due to supply constraints retailed to its Blu-ray drive.