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Get tanked: Fishbit monitors all the details of your aquarium

Keeping a goldfish in a bowl is one thing, but tending to a world-class saltwater aquarium is a whole ‘nother can of worms. At a certain point, you’re not just keeping a few pets in a tank — you’re managing an extremely delicate and complex ecosystem that requires careful monitoring and maintenance.

Depending on the types of fish, coral, and invertebrates you’re tending to, there’s a lot of stuff to worry about: pH levels, salinity, ORP, temperature, and a myriad of other tank conditions. Keeping track of it all can be a dizzying experience, but there’s a new gizmo that just surfaced on Kickstarter that aims to make the process easier than ever before.

fishbitFishbit, as it’s called, is a network-connected, app-enabled smart aquarium monitoring system. It’s certainly not the first tank monitor that’s ever been created, but it’s one of the first to bundle water composition measurement tech with network connectivity and a super slick user interface.

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The accompanying Fishbit smartphone app allows users to check tank stats from anywhere in the world and get detailed information on water chemistry. The device measures everything from pH balance to nitrite levels (which isn’t necessarily new or groundbreaking), but unlike other products, Fishbit’s app presents this data in a simple and easy-to-digest way. Instead of spewing out raw data and basic graphs, Fishbit pulls all this data together to provide you with an overall “Stability Score” for your tank. This allows for easy, at-a-glance monitoring, while also keeping detailed stats available and accessible whenever you need them.

The device has already crushed its modest $5,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, and production is currently underway. The Fishbit team is ready to ship beta units to backers as early as June and expects to have the final production models ready before the end of the year. Retail pricing is expected to be around $350, but you can get your hands on one for $300 if you pledge your support now during the early stages.