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The last-minute Internet guide to not getting dumped on Valentine’s Day

internet valentinesSo, you dropped the ball. The time to put his or her favorite photos of corgis on a personalized iPhone case or that marriage proposal on a bag of Necco Sweetheart candies has come and gone – at least if you don’t want to resort to that dreaded IOU. (Seriously, don’t. An e-card is even better than that.)

Thank goodness for overnight shipping and the fact that the Internet never sleeps. Avoid disappointment this year with these digital gifts. 

Breakfast in bed (for dummies)

vday breakfastEven if your attempts at cooking are more disaster than desirable, you can always run out for someone else’s freshly-baked muffins, squeeze a few oranges, and top it with this lovely print-at-home decoration from Design is Yay!

The long distance movie date

youtube rentalsFor the couples who couldn’t see each other on Valentine’s Day, take the movie date to the Internet. Cue somethingwith YouTube and turn on the Google Hangouts – these two integration so you can watch a movie in-screen, that way you can both see the film and each other. Pro-tip: headphones are your friend.

Make him or her laugh (with love!)

fb stalking youInternet dating sites are filled with doe-eyed girls and boys looking for a partner with a sense of humor. Prove your desirability with a funny gift from Someecards. Place your devotion on a mug or a t-shirt and they’ll ship it out to you within 24 hours, and if you choose express delivery, you’ll have it in time for a Friday or Saturday date night. Or, you know, you could just send an e-card.


Actually get a table for dinner

foursquare dream dateSure, let’s celebrate Valentine’s for being a great boon to the restaurant industry but man, is it hard to get a table sometimes. Foursquare’s made-over Explore function – temporarily called “Dream Date” – makes it possible to find a flower shop, restaurant or candy store based on proximity. Bitterly spending the day alone? Then hit up Foursquare’s “Dream Hate” for the single’s equivalent (i.e., places to drown your sorrows in booze at). 

Group, group, Groupon-it!

groupon name a starWhen all else fails, turn to Groupon. The site is featuring specific Valentine’s Day deals locally, so there is sure to either be a restaurant, ice cream shop, event, or local retailer with something to offer in time for the 14th. And hey, if it’s a few bucks cheaper, nobody will be any the wiser. 


Send your Instalove

example lovestagramHave a stash of lovey-dovey pictures of the two of you? Have a great photo of him or her which could only be made better with the addition of gratuitous hearts? Do you upload an oppressive amount of these images to Instagram? Then for you, there’s Lovestagram, which turns the Instagrams you already have into love notes. (If your significant other is a true romantic, tell him or her about the one where the girlfriend to the founder of Instagram learned to code and made an app. Adorable!)

Love is a battlefield mixtape

spotify love poetryThe tried and true mixtape just got a lot better. Woo your baby whether you’re at “The Start of Something” or “Say Yes” with apps like Mixtaping.fm and Spotify’s Playlist Poetry.

ohmibod appHum a song

If “Your Body is a Wonderland” is the only song you want to be singing, OhMiBod offers a line of vibrators which brings the mixtape into the bedroom and they’re sold at sites with overnight shipping such as Drugstore.com. Yep, it vibrates based on the music being played.