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Zinc-infused bed sheets are now available from Modern Zinc

It may never feel as though you’re getting quite enough sleep, but the average person spends around 229,961 hours (about a third of your life) in bed. As such, it’s probably worthwhile to have some sheets that are worth all that time. And Modern Zinc thinks it has the answer. A new line of zinc bedsheets from the Irvine, California-based startup claims to “harness the powerful benefits zinc has to offer” by infusing zinc into their cotton sheets.

A similar concept to that of silver-infused bedsheets, which also purport to have anti-bacterial qualities, these new zinc sheets claim to keep “your skin healthy and sheets fresh.” Noting that dirty sheets can trigger allergies, cause acne, and generally be gross to sleep in, Modern Zinc co-founder Tristan Schmitt said in a statement, “Sheets today are often made of poor quality, get dirty quickly and offer no benefits to the user, Modern Zinc is here to change that.”

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The sheets are said to use “smart fibers” that “offer a constant release of zinc onto the skin, providing both care and protection.” According to the company’s new Kickstarter campaign, which is nearing its $15,000 goal with three weeks left, “Modern Zinc’s premium sheets offer a constant release of zinc onto the skin providing both care and protection.” Moreover, the company claims, “the contact of zinc bedsheets on your skin has been shown to boost skin cell production to rejuvenate and heal your skin as you sleep.”

Even if you’re a bit skeptical about the claims regarding zinc’s restorative properties (and how exactly they would truly be absorbed into your system simply by way bedsheets), the 400 single-ply thread count and promise of no retail markups might make these sheets an attractive option for the hot summer months, when it seems like you’re changing sheets all the time. So if you’re looking to add to your linen closet, this just may be a viable option.