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These 10 tips will help you navigate like a pro with Apple Maps

Before Apple Maps came along, Google Maps was the default navigation app for iOS. It was a mammoth undertaking, but Apple was determined to create its own mapping solution. Back in 2012, Apple Maps officially replaced Google Maps on iOS products. While Apple Maps has a simple interface, there are plenty of features that are hidden away. Here are ten Apple Maps tips that will help you become a pro, and get where you need to go.

How to drop a pin


If your friends from out of town are coming to visit, you can use pins to help plan ahead. You can also use pins to mark a destination you need directions for. To drop a pin, simply tap and hold, and select Drop a Pin. When you create a new pin, you can label it, add to an Existing Contact, or easily Create New Contact.

How to see traffic nearby


Maps will let you know what’s causing traffic, so you can see if there’s an accident or just a slowdown. To be able to see real-time traffic information, tap ‘i’, and then tap Show Traffic. If there’s traffic nearby, you’ll see orange and red dots. Orange dots show slow traffic, while red dots show stop-and-go traffic. If there’s traffic, Maps will provide alternative routes to help save you time.

How to see what apps local people are using


This cool feature, available on the Apple Maps app, enables you to see what apps are popular with other users nearby. Tap on the label to show your current location, tap on the label that pops up, and you can check out some of the top apps other people use. You will discover some of the best travel, navigation, and news applications available for iOS.

How to activate compass mode


If you plan to use the Apple Maps app to get a sense of direction, like when you go hiking or biking, you may want to make sure you enable compass mode. In compass mode, the map you are looking at in the Maps app will rotate based on your direction. To activate compass mode, be sure to tap on the Location icon at the bottom of the screen. Once you pinpoint your location, tap on it again, and compass mode will be activated.

How to ask Siri for directions


No matter where you want to go, Siri can help you get to your destination. You can ask Siri to take you to the nearest grocery store, closest burger joint, or take you home. Press and hold the Home button on your iPhone, wait until you hear two quick beeps, and then tell Siri where you want to go.

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