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Find your fitness with our favorite health and fitness apps for Android (Updated)

Workout Guides

Coaches and personal trainers are great, but if you can’t afford to have Jillian Michaels come scream at you every time you hop on the treadmill, we suggest using these low-cost apps to help guide you through your workout.

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Nike+ Training Club (Free)

nike training club header

Nike Training Club offers hundreds of 30- to 45-minute workouts. The app provides detailed suggestions based on your own personal fitness goals. It excels when it comes to explanatory photos and video demonstrations that show you how to properly execute each exercise — all of which are stored directly within the app for added convenience when offline.

Virtuagym Fitness (Free)

Lifting is tough. Fortunately, this app provides a well-designed interface and clear instructions for targeting specific muscle groups using a diverse group of living room friendly exercises. The developers also continually add new workouts to the app’s robust library, and it even pairs with Fitbit devices to track your daily progress.

FitnessBuilder (Free)

FitnessBuilder offers a diverse catalog of workouts specifically designed to help you optimize your time at the gym. The hundreds of instructional videos are straightforward and explanatory, and if you prefer, the app even lets you convert and print your workout regiments in PDF form so you can keep your phone from becoming drenched in sweat.

StrongLifts 5×5 (Free)

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Strong Lifts 5X5 is designed for experienced lifters who want nothing more than to gain muscle and lose fat. It’s likely too intense for inexperienced lifters, but the app can still coach you through three, 45-minute workouts a week, focusing on the largest muscles in your body for optimal effect. Calendars and simple plate calculators take the app’s functionality even further.

Workout Trainer (Free)

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Workout Trainer provides a fitness consultation before allowing you to choose from one of hundreds of workout routines tailored directly to your body. The app additionally lets you sync and set your music to play between verbal instructions and video, with an option to share your most popular workouts with the online user community via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

FitNotes Gym Workout Log (Free)

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If you’re looking for a fitness log that lacks ads and doesn’t control your workout, then FitNotes might be for you. The app functions as a simple log, detailing your gym progress and custom workout routines with charts, graphs, and tables you can then export via CSV to the spreadsheet of your choice for offline viewing.

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer (Free)

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Sworkit provides gym-quality routines without actually requiring you to go to the gym. The free app is void of in-app purchases, and allows you to choose from hundreds of workouts, each of which is divided into one of four distinct categories (strength, cardio, yoga, and stretching). Hell, it even lets you create short, 5-minute workouts when you’re in a pinch.

30 Day Fitness Challenge ($2)

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Want to improve your fitness over the next 30 days, but can’t make it to the gym? Designed for beginners, this app will provide you with basic strength and toning exercises designed to improve your overall fitness in a matter of minutes. The app also includes video instructions to ensure you preform the activity correctly, with 20 fitness challenges to boot.

Jefit (Free)

30 Day

Initially designed for bodybuilders, Jefit keeps track of all your reps, sets, and the weight you’re lifting within a sleek interface. The app also provides a number of different workout routines designed for targeting specific muscle groups, while allowing you to curate custom workouts and share your achievements with the online community. The mere 1,300 training exercises are only the beginning.

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