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The bigger they come, the harder they fall: Our 40 favorite iPhone 6 Plus cases

The bigger they come, the harder they fall. Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus sports a 5.5-inch display and that rounded body looks potentially slippery to us. It’s a slim device and even with the promise of “ion-strengthened” glass we can already hear the sound of cracking displays as they hit the sidewalk. Why take the chance? Peruse the iPhone 6 Plus cases that are flooding onto the market and get the style and protection you need.

Updated on 12-9-2015 by Simon Hill: Added cases by Rhinoshield, MagBak, Olixar, Noreve, and Griffin.

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Rhinoshield Crash Guard Bumper ($25)

Rhinoshield Crash Guard Bumper

If you really can’t stand the idea of covering your iPhone 6 Plus up, but you don’t want a cracked screen or a dented frame, then you should really take a look at the Crash Guard from Rhinoshield. It’s a protective bumper that wraps around your iPhone, keeping it safe from drops and dings. It extends from the front and back, so the display and the exposed portion of your phone never come into contact with the ground. This combination of materials provides real drop protection in a minimalist package, and it’s available in a wide variety of colors.

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MagBak Case ($40)

MagBak Case

The smart idea behind this case is magnetism. It comes with two magnetic mounts, ready to stick wherever you may need them, whether it be the kitchen, the car dash, or somewhere else. The simple shell case sticks to the magnetic mounts securely, giving you a more stylish and minimalist solution than a traditional dock or cradle. The case itself is available in a few different colors, sports a nice soft-touch finish, and features generous openings for the camera, ports, and switch. You can mount your iPhone 6 Plus anywhere with MagBak.

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Olixar FlexiShield Case ($13)

Olixar FlexiShield Case

You can’t expect rugged drop protection from a case like this, but it does add some grip and serves as a basic layer of protection from bumps and scuffs. There is also a slight lip around the front to protect the screen. It’s made from a malleable gel material, so it’s easy to fit, and the button covers work well. The cut-outs for the ports, switch, and camera are accurate. It’s completely transparent and very thin, so you can still enjoy Apple’s design. You can also get translucent colored versions, if you prefer.

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Mobile Fun

Noreve Tradition D Leather Case ($50)

Noreve Tradition D Leather Case

With a range of hand-crafted, real leather cases, Noreve is a stylish brand. This particular case is padded leather and opens like a folio. There are openings for all the ports, buttons, and the camera. You’ll also find a couple of windows in the front cover and a speaker grille, that latter of which enables you to use your iPhone 6 Plus with the case closed. The protective shell inside is TPE. If you want customize your case, Noreve even offers a wide range of different leather finishes and colors, and you can even change the interior lining if you don’t mind paying little extra.

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Griffin Survivor Summit Case ($60)

Griffin Survivor Summit Case

This is one of the toughest cases you’ll find, offering several layers of protection to cover every angle of your iPhone 6 Plus. It’s a blend of TPE, polycarbonate, and silicone, with a built-in screen protector and covers for the ports, buttons, and Touch ID. It adds bulk and detracts a little from your phone’s ease of use, but once your iPhone 6 Plus is safe inside, it can survive falls of up to 10 feet onto concrete. It also has an IP55 rating and features a rugged, rotating clip designed to keep it securely fastened to you when you’re not using it as stand.

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